Temporary Fencing

Emmaus Borough has recently bought stake in National Temporary Fence Company. National Temporary Fence Company manufactures temporary fencing in its facility. This up-and-coming business has provided temporary fencing for a great number of venues in the tri-state area as well as across the country. Seeking to further expand the business’ territory, the executive committee has sought stakeholders in the business. Emmaus Borough is pleased to place stake in National Temporary Fence, furthering the success of both. The tradition of excellence of Emmaus Borough speaks volumes for the recent collaborative effects of the two companies. Emmaus Borough has years of experience and a rich heritage to offer this fresh business.

Temporary Fence for any Occasion

A simple crowd control measure, venue division, parking lot partition, or structure for emergency/disaster relief sites, temporary fence is a great alternative to permanent fencing, when the necessary period of use time is shorter than the investment of permanent fencing requires. Temporary fence components are delivered by the National Temporary Fence Company, assembled on-site by skilled staff members, trained to efficiently and expertly construct the fence which will be used for a short amount of time. After the event or time period, rest assured that the temporary fencing will be removed from the premises. Emmaus Borough will have a hand in the further success of the National Temporary Fence Company.

Temporary Fence Rental

National Temporary Fence Company offers a variety of fencing materials available for rent, ensuring the perfect temporary fencing for your particular needs. Our customer representatives will consult with your venue director, project manager, or foreman for an in-depth assessment of your situation and will make recommendations on the particular temporary fence material, set-up, timeline, and complete price negotiations, resulting in a completed transaction that is the best possible temporary fence rental matchup.